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Dr. Dactyl

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Dr. Fossil

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Dr. Pax

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Rexie (Mama T)

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Pediatric Health Care icon

Pediatric Health Care

At Salud, our friendly doctors can take care of your little dinosaur, and the entire family. Our doctors specialize in learning about the entire family so they can take better care of your kids and you. It’s really convenient to have all of your health care needs taken care of in one place!
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Dental Health icon

Dental Health

Going to the dentist can be scary for a little dinosaur. That’s why the dentists at Salud are specially equipped to make the visit to the dentist as easy as possible. They have the experience and skills to make your little dino feel right at home.
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Behavioral Health Services icon

Behavioral Health Services

At Salud, we believe that mental health is just as important as physical health. It’s easy to feel embarrassed or overwhelmed when we don’t know what to do to help our kids to feel happy and healthy. At Salud, we know that sometimes our kids need help with more than just their physical health and we’ve built teams of doctors, counselors, and psychologists who work together in one place to make sure we can provide whatever your little dinosaur needs to get on track.
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