Hola mis amigos.

The name’s Papa Jerry. My grandkids are always asking me to play guitar for them because I know all the best cowboy songs. When I was young, my Banda group, “Los Dinos del Norte,” traveled far and wide bringing the sound of Rexico to everyone. I may be an old dino these days, but my heart is young. In the past few years, my love for tortillas and not enough exercise caused my weight to get a little out of control. The doctors at Salud diagnosed me with diabetes. But I eat healthier and take my medication every day. I have lost some weight, have more energy, and my diabetes is under control.

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Health Tip

Being an older dino means it’s especially important to stay on top of my health. Regular checkups help me manage my medications and catch potential problems before they become serious. Taking such good care of myself means I can be my best for the granddinos, too.

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