Dr. Dactyl

Did I ever tell you about the kind of bear I saw at the North Pole? A molar bear! Just kidding! But, seriously, man, there’s one thing I don’t make jokes about—your dental health! I started here at Salud because it’s a dynamite community health center, and they helped me pay off my student loans. But, wouldn’t you know it? I’ve stuck around here in Colorocko for 20 years because I love it so much! I especially love to make the dino kiddos smile and joke their fears away. Like I always say, “If you don’t flossil, you’ll fossil!” Come see me, and I’ll keep your chompers in check.

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Health Tip

Keep those pearly whites shining by brushing thoroughly and flossing regularly. Limit sugary drinks and remember to brush soon after meals to prevent cavities! See your friendly neighborhood dino dentist at Salud and we’ll make sure you keep smiling!

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