Hi. My name is Rexie

Hi. My name is Rexie, but you can call me Mama T. I’m a fierce mama who takes care of business. I work extra hard to keep our family going strong. You might see me at the grocery store getting the best, healthy fruit and veggie dino-snacks for my family, driving Bronny to soccer practice, reading to Topsy at the library, or workin’ on my fitness. I do my thing and get things done! That’s what we lady dinos do best. It’s been pretty tough to do it all but I’ve been meeting with Salud’s Behavioral Health specialist. She is teaching me to take time for myself and create more balance in our lives. And that is helping me be a better mom.

Image of Rexie (Mama T)
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My Health Tip To You

If you notice you’re just not yourself—maybe you’re overwhelmed or feeling down or worried, your Salud doctor can help! Everyone goes through ups and down in life. Don’t hesitate to ask for help—life’s too short to not live it to the fullest!

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